The Influence Of Promotion And Store Atmosphere At Cafe Kopitagram Cinere Depok On Consumer Satisfaction


  • Gagih Pradini Universitas Nasional Jakarta
  • Anisa Putri Kusumaningrum Universitas Nasional Jakarta
  • Muhammad Rizky Alifa Syawal Universitas Nasional Jakarta
  • Kris Cahyani Ermawati Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Sahid Surakarta
  • Fera Dhian Anggraini Akademi Pariwisata Indraphrasta



Promotion, Store Atmosphere, Consumer Satisfaction


This study aims to determine the analysis of promotions and store atmosphere on consumer satisfaction. Sampling for this study through primary data, namely by distributing questionnaires to as many as 100 respondents. The analysis techniques used are tests contained in  SPSS 29 software. The results of this study show that promotional variables do not have a partial effect on consumer satisfaction, store atmosphere variables have a positive and significant effect on consumer satisfaction, and promotional variables and store atmosphere together have a positive and significant effect on consumer satisfaction. The conclusion of this study  the store atmosphere  variable is the most influential factor in consumer satisfaction


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Pradini, G., Kusumaningrum, A. P. ., Syawal, M. R. A. ., Ermawati, K. C. ., & Anggraini, F. D. . (2023). The Influence Of Promotion And Store Atmosphere At Cafe Kopitagram Cinere Depok On Consumer Satisfaction. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS, MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS, AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (IJEMBIS), 3(3), 816–825.

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